Giuseppe Mancia
Guido Grassi
Konstantinos P. Tsioufis
Anna F. Dominiczak
Enrico Agabiti-Rosei


3rd Edition – 2019

CRC Press

ISBN-13: 978-0815378747
ISBN-10: 0815378742




The Manual of Hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension reflects emerging concepts that have the potential to impact diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to hypertension. Updating all material, this new edition also delves into a number of areas that have received heightened interest in recent years or have become a matter of debate due to the controversial interpretation of the available data.


  • Reflects emerging concepts impacting diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • Explores background, history, epidemiology, and risk factors
  • Describes pharmacological, nonpharmacological, and medical treatments
  • Examines hypertension in special populations and treatment


Lead Author

Costas Tsioufis is Professor of Cardiology in the 1st University Cardiology Clinic, Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece and Head of the Hypertension Unit of the same institute. He is currently secretary of the European Society of Hypertension and president elect of the Hellenic Cardiological Society. Professor Tsioufis research interests include hypertensive target organ damage with specific interest in microalbuminuria and renal dysfunction, left ventricular hypertrophy and arterial stiffness. He has a special interest in the novel interventional therapies of hypertension and he is involved in major clinical trials regarding renal sympathetic denervation. In the field on Interventional Cardiology, his research has been focused on the assessment of coronary blood flow reserve and the pathophysiology of the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque.